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Isola Photovoltaic in India
2021-04-21 16:21:23Matt Hopkins

India REI is South Asia's largest professional new energy exhibition.

September 20-22, 2017, Isola has achieved great results at the 3-day India exhibition with high quality products and excellent service.

Adhering to the customer first, Isola deeply develops the Indian market. Combined with India's own national conditions, we provide professional and detailed product recommendation and introduction for each one coming to the booth.

Based on high quality solar energy products and professional service team, Isola is dedicated to promoting every friendly cooperation and endeavoring to light at least one lamp for every resident in India.

The exhibition has been successfully concluded, but Isola’s mission continues.

About India REI

As the largest clean energy trade fair in India and even in South Asia, Renewable Energy India is hosted by India's largest exhibition company, India Exhibition Company, and co-organized by the Government of India's Department of Renewable Energy. The fair founded in 2007, due to the outstanding performance, the market prospects, and RENEWABLE ENERGY INDIA has become the company's new exhibition brand. The scale of the exhibition was the forefront of other exhibitions in the region.

1. India is located in the sunny part of the world and has abundant solar radiation. There are 250 ~ 300 sunny days in a year. It is the world with the largest potential for solar energy development (annual solar output 1700 ~ 1900kWh / kWp). Most parts of the country receive 4 to 7 kWh of solar radiation per square meter per day.

2. India's total installed generating capacity was 152GW (as of the end of 2009). The overall electricity demand is facing a 11% deficit, with a peak of 12%. As a result, the energy shortage is serious. As the economy continues to expand, demand for electricity in India is expected to grow by about 6% annually, and peak loads are expected to exceed 778GW by 2031.

3. India's electricity sector highly depends on coal as fuel and 53% of its installed capacity is coal-based. However, according to the forecasts of the local coal sector, the existing coal reserves in India can only last 40 to 45 years. Thus finding alternative sources of energy is imminent.

4. Indian Prime Minister, Modi actively promoted the development of solar photovoltaic after taking office, and promised that "every household in the country will "at least light up a lamp" during his tenure.